This is why you need to keep moving

In an era of working from home and lockdown on lockdown, it is likely that you go out less often. It is made much too easy for us to stay at home. The groceries are neatly delivered to your home, meetings are held from home and you don’t even have to leave the house for dinner. However, it is very important to go out more often to exercise, because this has many advantages.

  1. You get more energy by moving more often
  2. Exercise is very good for your heart
  3. You get a better condition by moving
  4. Sleeping is easier so you are more rested
  5. Your muscles are getting stronger
  6. By exercising more, you are less likely to be overweight

The benefits listed above are just the tip of an iceberg!
You can already start with something small; for example, do your shopping yourself instead of using the delivery service.

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