What are vegetable proteins?

Very simple, proteins that come from plant sources. Vegetable proteins are mainly made from peas, rice & hemp. These are natural sources that are very healthy for your body. Furthermore, the vegetable protein powders from Loyalprotein also contain a complete amino acid profile. Amino acids are building blocks for your muscles, they help your muscles to recover after a hard workout.

Protein powders are available in different types. A commonly used type is whey (whey) protein, where the proteins are obtained from milk. A whey protein is therefore not a protein from a vegetable source. on Loyalprotein.com we only sell vegetable proteins, so these proteins do not come from milk. This is more beneficial for the environment and the animals.

The experience is often that vegetable protein powders do not taste very good. We at Loyalprotein have changed this. Our plant-based proteins taste great and mix well in your shaker cup. Have you not tried them yet? Try it now!

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